MARS Exercise Warning Order (20-24 July Exercise)

For Your Information:

A MARS Warning Order has been issued for their July exercise 20-24 July. This Army and AF MARS exercise includes interface with the Amateur Radio community.


Communication with the amateur community is scheduled for 1200 and 2000 local time daily July 20-24. At this time, there is no indication of the data to be requested from the amateur contacts made.

The primary interface with the amateur community during the exercise will be on 60 meters, Channel 1. 60m operation is channelized and the Amateur Service is a secondary user. If you are unfamiliar with 60meter operation, please visit the ARRL website for specific recommended practices for 60m operation:

The 60m band is a useful resource for EmComm in Colorado, especially when combined with NVIS operation. Please work towards the development and maintenance of 60m capabilities in your Districts.

An excerpt from the Warning Order sent to MARS stations is included below with the amateur specific details in bold.

GENTEXT/SITUATION/HQ AFMARS and AMARS have received indications that  

there will be excellent exercise and training opportunities from 20   

to 24 July. This FRAGO is coordinated between the HQ AMARS and  


GENTEXT/MISSION/MARS members will prepare to exercise on or about 20  

to 24 July; activate RJMOG; respond to taskings; and interface   

with Amateur Radio Operators.//  

3.a. Tasks to Subordinates: 

3.a.1. MARS Regions and Wings: 

Socialize with local Amateur Radio communities in the region the  

daily 60 meter nets at 1200 and 2000 local time and encourage  

Amateur Radio operators to call in on 60 meter channel 1.   


3.a.4. RJMOG in each Region: 

Stand up RJMOG following activation message on 20 July and ensure   

the joint MARS force in the Region is prepared to perform the   

following tasks:  

Establish 60 meters nets at 1200 and 2000 local time.// 

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