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Section Leadership and Section Liaison Officer contact pages are available using the links in the tables below.

Local ARES Emergency Coordinators may be contacted through use of the dynamic Colorado Section Map page and clicking on the local (county level) area of interest.

Section Region Leadership

Colorado Section Emergency Coordinator Jon Blome, KFØJB
Asst. Section Emergency Coordinator –
Administration and Training
Emit Hurdelbrink, WØUAW
Asst. Section Emergency Coordinator –
Statistics and Reporting
Lisa Pettis, KØLMH
Asst. Section Emergency Coordinator –
Infrastructure and Mobility
John Maxwell, WØVG
Asst. Section Emergency Coordinator –
Finance and Credentialing
Wayne Heinen, NØPOH
Region 1: North Central Region Coordinator (Interim) Mark Boddy, KD5DKQ
Region 2: South Central Region Coordinator John Bloodgood, KDØSFY
Region 3: Northeast Region Coordinator James Cizek, KI0KN
Regions 4 & 5: South/Southeast Region Coordinator Amanda Alden, K1DDN
Regions 6 & 7: San Luis Valley/Southwest Region Coordinator Philip Schechter, WØOJ
Region 8: West Region Coordinator Bill Bear, KC0QXX

Region 9: Northwest Region Coordinator

Chip Ferron, N0WKR

Section Liaison Officers

National Weather Service/Skywarn LiaisonGeorge Weber, KA0BSA
ESF-4: FirefightingDavid Markham, WØCBI
ESF-6: Mass Care, Emergency Assistance, Housing, and Human Services (Red Cross)David Sparks, WAØDS
ESF-6: Mass Care, Emergency Assistance, Housing, and Human Services (Salvation Army)Barry Wilson, KAØBBQ
ESF- 8:Public Health and Medical ServicesHal Jennings , KEØKFB
ESF-13: Public Safety and SecurityPerry Lundquist, W6AUN

LDS Communications Council Liaisons
Donald Baune
(ACØEX) and
Angie Baune

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