This page summarizes training resources available for Colorado Section ARES. Periodic updates to this page will be made as additional classes or information becomes available.

As you train, ask yourself this question:
Do I have one hundred hours of experience, or simply that first hour of experience repeated one hundred times? This is important if you have not trained recently because most of us forget material unless we use it regularly.

Is training mandatory? This depends entirely on your served agency. Some served agencies require FEMA independent study courses ICS 100, 200, I-700 and I-800. Some require almost no training. Some served agencies may require background checks and others may even require a polygraph, an interview, or a “Red Card” to work the fire lines.

The bottom line is:

  • Colorado ARES strongly encourages the following free FEMA EMI independent study courses:
    • IS-100
    • IS-200
    • IS-700
    • IS-800
  • If your served agency requires certain training or has certain requirements, then that will be the minimum required for your district. Your district may also have additional training requirements. If you are not sure, contact your District Emergency Coordinator.

American Radio Relay League Continuing Education

Emergency Communication source material, developed by ARRL’s Continuing Education, is the Section training standard. Enrollment and study materials can be found at: The American Radio Relay League’s Continuing Education Course Catalog

  • All members are encouraged to take EC-001

Training Resources Available from Other Sources

Incident Command System (ICS)
There are Independent Study and classroom courses available covering the ICS and are available from the FEMA Emergency Management Institute. You may contact your local emergency management office or your local Emergency Coordinator (EC) for availability of these courses.

National Incident Management System (NIMS) The Department of Homeland Security has mandated use of ICS and its follow-on the National Incident Management System (NIMS) for any entity seeking federal money. If your served agency has not yet started with NIMS, they will very soon.

These courses are also prerequisites for AuxComm classes.

FEMA Independent Study Emergency Management Courses

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers additional independent study courses designed to educate you in some of the basic principles of emergency management. Most of these courses involve viewing on-line presentations and passing an exam at the completion of the course material. You’re issued a certificate of completion. If you’re interested in getting started in these courses, contact FEMA at: Application Process